We are PLOT, a leadership agency.

Our partners help to create and lead remarkable organizations.

With clarity, critical thinking and compelling narrative.

Around well-defined purpose-driven brands.

To advance enlightened progress.

Our Brand Purpose

If we had to put our brand’s purpose into one word, it would be: Progress.

Growth is not enough. Innovation for the sake of innovation is not enough. We believe in progress because it is such a wonderfully optimistic and humane concept. It simply asks: Are we all doing better? Better as in more successful as an organization, but also better as in more fulfilling, more decent or more sustainable. And our brand’s purpose is to help you get to that better place and achieve progress.

To get there requires clarity, orientation and leadership. The tool we use to help you with that is your brand. And when we say brand we do not mean your trademark or the branding of your products, we think of your brand as the identity of your organization. What is your brand’s purpose? What are the virtues that make up the philosophy of your brand? And how does that philosophy translate into practice? Do you clearly say what you do and consistently do what you say?

The PLOT Philosophy

In order to provide clarity and orientation for an organization the philosophy of a brand needs to be practical and actionable. Virtues (what we do) are more meaningful than values (what we believe in). So here is what you can expect from the PLOT brand with regard to our key activities:

Partners – We look for humble and thoughtful partners who care about what they do and what our clients do. We bring different experiences, methods and skills but share the same sense of purpose. We strive for and share economic success but put progress over profit.

Agency – We help, inspire and lead by example. We do not provide creative or professional services. We expect to be paid for the value we create, not for the time we put in. 

Brands – We work with brand owners. We apply ourselves to brand purposes that further progress. We get involved and take responsibility but we remain independent.

Ventures – We are entrepreneurs. We take equity and are willing to share risk. We invest in purposes that matter to us.

Culture – We enjoy spending time with each other and with our clients. We create and find places that let us breathe and think. We take walks. We run and ride bikes. We avoid disposable goods.

What we do

As your brand’s agents we want to bring out the best in you and your organization. We will not ask you to change or re-invent, but rather to re-discover what your organization is all about. What is the purpose that has driven your success story so far and how can we write that story into the future?
All we do is about your progress. We can challenge your leadership team with our interventions or inspire your entire organization as speakers. We can help you re-focus by working on your brand purpose and philosophy. Our plots are actionable scenarios that tell the story of how your organization will successfully serve its purpose in the future. As coaches, mentors or interim leaders we work with you to turn those plots into reality.

How we do it

Beyond business models and numbers we pay close attention to how we speak and think. We can only make sense of the world through language and the quality of our answers depends on the quality of the questions we ask. Before we can tackle any challenge we need to be aware of the assumptions and biases that often hide behind buzzwords and jargon.
Clarity in language leads to clarity in thinking leads to clarity in doing. It’s challenging, but it’s worth it.


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