Christoph Burkhardt

About me

I love ideas. Good ideas, great ideas and really bad ideas too. Ideas are the building blocks of progress and the reason why I believe that our future will be much better than we think. My clients transform their ideas into amazing new products, services and business models because they understand the power of a well designed strategy and culture of innovation.
I’m an Innovation Psychologist, a researcher of the human mind in action and an invincible optimist when it comes to progress. I believe in strong brands and growing businesses based on purpose-driven innovation. I love working with game changers and business leaders who are willing to take their strategy to the next level and go the extra mile towards a better future.


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The German language book Durchbruch. Gute Ideen sind kein Zufall explains why good ideas are no lucky hits, why poor decision making often leads to progress and how companies will only survive if they learn to embrace volatile, uncertain, complex and highly ambiguous environments. The book can be found on Amazon.


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