COBI of America

As part of our long-term engagement with Frankfurt based startup COBI, PLOT has become a minority shareholder in COBI of America Inc., a Delaware corporation operating out of San Francisco. PLOT founder Andreas Freitag serves as President and CEO for the venture. COBI of America was created to establish the COBI brand and drive demand … Continued

HEIMAT Hamburg

PLOT founder Andreas Freitag partnered with Germany’s best creative agency HEIMAT Berlin to launch a new agency in Hamburg in 2011. What began with a team of five and no legacy clients, quickly became a force in German advertising with new business from Audi, E WIE EINFACH, R+V Versicherung, Sparda-Bank Hamburg, and Siemens. At the … Continued


Our love affair with instant photography began with a publishing project at SCHWARZERFREITAG that lead to a collaboration with the founders of The Impossible Project. Impossible had salvaged the last remaining machinery and set out to restart production of analog instant film for old Polaroid cameras. In 2010 PLOT launched Sofortbild-Shop Berlin, a retail location dedicated … Continued


In 2008 we launched the TUBUK brand with the claim “Nicht jedes Buch” (“Not every book”). Long before Facebook became an option, we created a social commerce platform that allowed readers to interact with their favorite independent authors and puslishers. TUBUK became an instant favorite with publishers with more than 40 international independents presenting their … Continued


What is now Plot GmbH in Hamburg started with a venture into independent publishing in Berlin in 2004. SCHWARZERFREITAG first published German editions of Adam Cohen’s The Perfect Store: Inside eBay and amazonia by James Marcus. At the same time SCHWARZERFREITAG partnered with Seven Stories Press to bring their Open Media Series to a German … Continued


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