Our plots are actionable scenarios for brands and organizations. These are the ones that we helped turn into reality as founders, mentors or partners.

  • #0036 – Ueli.club
    Your oral health club Ueli.club was developed in partnership with Curaden AG, a Swiss family business and leader in premium… Read more: #0036 – Ueli.club
  • #0009 – Neue Digitale Berlin
    Co-founded the Berlin office for Germany’s most awarded digital creative agency.
  • #0005 – Mein eBay
    SCHWARZERFREITAG Publishing secured the rights to Adam Cohen’s narration of the eBay story and published the German edition.
  • #0004 – Open Media Berlin Series
    In collaboration with Seven Stories Press SCHWARZERFREITAG Publishing introduced German language readers to the Open Media series for the first time.
  • #0003 – Berlin
    In the summer of 2004 we established the legal entity that later became Plot GmbH, registered the trademark and started doing business as SCHWARZERFREITAG Publishing.
  • #0002 – SCHWARZERFREITAG Publishing
    Launched independent publisher SCHWARZERFREITAG out of a spare bedroom in Hamburg.
  • #0001 – Springer
    Business, concept and UX/UI development for global e-commerce and electronic publishing. Springer Science & Business Media.
  • #0000 – A. Freitag
    Before there was Plot, there was A. Freitag. A first step into freelance work and independence. Never looked back.